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Enhance and retouch your portraits with this easy-to-use tool
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Sometimes, you need to enhance a portrait to present a more flattering image of a subject. This program allows you to do this in a very easy and fast manner. You need only to select the portrait you want to enhance and apply all the provided simple tools. For example, if your subject's skin appears too pale, you may add some blush to her/his cheeks by using the Rouge or the Face Powder tools. Also, if the skin shows little facial blemishes, you can correct them with the Skin Care tool.

In fact, you can re-create an entire portrait with this program. Let's suppose that your subject didn't wear any makeup, and you want to transform her/his entire portrait into a supermodel-type image. You can add lipstick, eye shadows, eye pencil, and even change the color of the eyes in a very easy and convenient manner. The program includes several demo videos showing you how to use each of the tools.

Maybe the only disadvantage of this software is its cost, which is not very affordable. Also, the trial version only allows you to save the resulting image as .TPI, which is not a common format. If you want to get rid of this limitation, then you will have to purchase a license.

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