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It corrects deficiencies or improves the appearance of portraits within photos
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Beauty Guide is an application which helps you correct deficiencies or improve the appearance of portraits within photos. Sometimes, the camera brings out face imperfections that go unnoticed in other circumstances. At this point, you need the assistance of a photo correcting tool to hide these defects. Additionally, you can highlight the beautiful parts of the face, and thus the flaws will become hardly noticeable.

The program comes with a neat and easy-to-use interface. If by any chance you encounter problems with using the adjustment tools, you can watch at any moment the demonstrations accessible from within the drop-down top menu. For a better visualization of details, the photo you intend to customize takes the largest part of the main window. When you apply modifications on small areas of the face, it is advisable to zoom in the image till the point of performing perfect mouse maneuvers.

The alteration of the original picture consists of applying makeup directly on the photo just as if you use lipstick, powder, rouge, or eye shadow in everyday life. What's more, you can correct skin imperfections; namely, you have the ability to remove skin moles and blemishes, as well as reduce visible wrinkles and expression lines. You can even achieve a perfect smile by applying a bleaching teeth effect. In addition, you are able to accentuate part of an image by putting an emphasis on eyes or lips, or on whatever area you want to highlight. Whether you are not satisfied with some parts of the body, you have the ability to diminish or increase some details; this way, the resulting picture will display an impeccable portrait appearance.

In conclusion, this software is designed to turn ordinary portraits into perfect pictures that resemble stars on the cover of magazines. All it takes is a steady hand and a sharp eye for details. In addition you can apply some basic modifications of the entire image, such as rotate flip, adjust brightness and contrast.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Embedded demonstrations about using the entire set of tools
  • Easily compare the original image with the adjusted picture


  • High price
  • At this cost, it could provide more options for photo enhancement as a whole
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